Well Head Connections

Well Head Connections

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Models Available
WHC10, WHC20 and WHC40


1”, 2" and 4" Pipe and 1/2”OD Compression Fitting for Tubing

Well Head Connections (WHC) are made from the highest quality materials available to maximize success of in-situ remediation treatments. The WHC features a Kynar® compression fitting, and a type 316 stainless steel inlet tee in a sealed Schedule 80 PVC body. A ¼” FPT access port is included to accommodate a pressure gauge for accurate pressure readings where they count the most. Well Head Connections are available for ½”or 1” Newterra riser pipe sections. Any existing on-site 2” or 4“ monitoring well casing can be easily modified using our 2” or 4“ WHC fitting to accommodate our ozone sparge technology.

NOTE: Retrofit materials for monitoring wells are available.