Multiport Relief Valve

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The use of a Multiport Relief Valve dampens the pressure swings within deaerators, steam lines and associated components. The Multiport Relief Valve dash pot vapor action provides smooth relief of excess steam to the atmosphere. By limiting operating pressure variances within the deaerator, it eliminates the need to re-stack trays, and provides protection to the trays, boiler feed pumps and other equipment.

Typical Specification
“One size 12” (vertical upflow, handwheel adjustable) COCHRANE® Multiport Relief
Valve. Valve to be of 0-25 PSIG, 350 ºF. max. construction. Body to be cast iron with
125# flanges with bronze trim and chrome vanadium steel springs. The springs are
designed for 0-15 PSIG pressure range adjustment. When set for initial relief at 15 PSIG, the valve is to be capable of relieving saturated steam to the atmosphere at rates up to 40,000 lbs/hr., with accompanying pressure rise above set pressure up to 4.55 psi max. Normal line operating pressures will be 10 to 15 PSIG, and normal line operating temperatures will be 240 ºF. to 250 ºF.