Sodium Bisulfite

Sodium Bisulfite

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Suez (Formerly GE Water)

Sodium Bisulfite is a very cost-effective product used to remove free and combined chlorine from reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration feed waters.

Feed waters to membrane systems often contain chlorine to treat and prevent microbiological growth prior to the membrane separation process. This chlorine, however, can irreversibly damage thin film composite membranes by oxidizing the membrane surface. The sodium bisulfite quickly deactivates chlorine and protects membranes from damage.

Chemistry of Dechlorination
Deactivation of chlorine by sodium bisulfite:
NaHSO3 + HOCl → NaHSO4 + HCl
Sodium Bisulfite + Hypochlorous Acid → Sodium Bisulfate + Hydrochloric Acid