RO Membranes

RO Membranes

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Models Available
AG, AG LF, AK, AP, AD, C, Duratherm* HWS and NSF-61

Suez (Formerly GE Water), LanXess, Hydranautics, Trisep

Consult with your Newterra Water Treatment Technologist for the correct membrane given your influent water quality and application.

Newterra has a broad range of pure water membranes that are used in water applications worldwide. The membranes are used to desalinate brackish water for applications ranging from drinking water to boiler feedwater applications to aquifer recharge to tertiary wastewater treatment.

Newterra’s products cover the entire spectrum of desali-nation needs from seawater to brackish water, water softening and the full range of low energy, low fouling and low pressure products to meet our customers’ unique needs.

Membrane Characteristics and Product Name

  • Brackish
    • AG Series
  • Low Fouling
    • AG LF Series
  • Low Energy
    • AK Series
  • Low Pressure
    • AP Series
  • Seawater
    • AD Series
  • Chlorine Resistant
    • C Series
  • Hot Water Sanitization
    • Duratherm* HWS
  • NSF-61 Certified
    • AG Series
    • AK Series