Oil Removal Filter Bags

Oil Removal Filter Bags - FOS Series

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  • Material: Meltblown polypropylene microfibers
  • Ring: Polypropylene flange
  • Maximum differential pressure: 50 psid (3.5 kg/cm2) in restrainer basket
  • Maximum temperature: 180˚F(82˚C)

FOS filter bags are designed to remove both oil and grease from aqueous based liquids. FOS filter bags feature a unique two-in-one bag construction which separates functional layers of material, thereby allowing maximum exposure time while keeping pressure drop across the material to a minimum. The specially engineered multi-layered construction includes an inner prefilter layer and a middle layer of polypropylene microfibers designed to hold 10 – 20 times their own weight (32 or 64 ounces) in oil and grease.