Low Pressure Vapor Phase Carbon Vessels

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newterra Vapor Phase Carbon Vessels are designed for the removal of contaminants from air streams. The vessels are filled with activated carbon although other types of media can be accommodated as well. The internal manifold can be removed easily if replacement is required. All vessels come with tube slip inlet and outlet as well as top and side access ports for carbon filling and recovery.

The vessels are made with 1/8” carbon steel with structurally reinforcing angles to
prevent bowing. Various sizes are available and customized vessels can be made to fit specific criteria.

Standard Features:
· Max. Flow rate = 70 fps
· Min. Flow rate = 20 fps
· Max. Temperature = 250○F (limited by epoxy coating temperature range)
· Carbon mass specifications based on carbon density = 27 lb/ft3
· FNPT input/output
· Stainless steel air manifold
· Interior coated with corrosion resistant epoxy
· Exterior coated with dev-guard newterra blue paint
· Pressure tested to 1 psi
· ½” FNPT pressure gage port mounted on top of vessel
· 12” x 12” top access for carbon filling
· 20” x 20” side access for carbon recovery and inspecting internals


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