LongBox® Clarifiers - Modular, High Flow Sediment & Suspended Solids Removal

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Newterra’s patent pending LongBox® high-flow clarifiers are designed specifically for efficient sediment and suspended-solids removal on groundwater treatment and dewatering projects. These innovative, rectangular clarifiers are also extremely well suited for potable water pretreatment, and the treatment of process water, mine groundwater and wastewater. They are built for easy transport on flat-bed trucks to sites and remote areas. Once on location, installation, setup and operation are fast and simple – even on uneven ground. Available with tube settlers or inclined plates, Newterra LongBox® Series Clarifiers provide excellent removal efficiencies compared to traditional weir tanks and settling or frac tanks commonly used for sediment treatment on construction sites and in other applications.

Optional Features
Insulated Clarifier: Available as a stand-alone, cold-weather product where the tank is enclosed in rigid, insulated steel panels. Panels are removable, providing access to the top of the tank and equipment spaces around the clarifier. Heating can be incorporated for cold-weather applications.

Enclosed Top: Features hatches and removable sections to facilitate maintenance requirements.

Inclined-Plate Settlers: Standard equipment tube settling media can be replaced with optional flat inclined plates made from carbon steel, stainless steel or PVC.

Open Gravity Clarifier: Available without settling media for applications where there is high potential of plugging the settling media.

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