In-Situ Oxidation Points

In-Situ Oxidation Points

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1” OD x 12”L, Viton® O-Ring, and 1.0” x 8-TPI ASTM F-480 Male Flush Thread

Our In-Situ Oxidation Points (IOP) were designed by our engineering staff exclusively for use with our ozone sparge units. Each has a stainless steel body with 3/8" x 1-1/2" outlets and 50 mesh internal stainless steel screen. Made from ozone-resistant Stainless Steel, they are rigid by design and include a Viton® o-ring seal. These oxidation points provide maximum ozone transfer to the contaminated water table and soil. Efficient mass transfer means remediation takes place quickly and completely.

NOTE: Retrofit materials for monitoring wells are available.