GRUNDFOS Chemical Dosing Pumps

GRUNDFOS Chemical Dosing Pumps

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The SMART Digital DDA, DDC and DDE models with powerful variable-speed stepper motors bring state-of-the art technology to perfection.


The included click-stop mounting plate is an example of the unique flexibility offered, with only a few variants. Easy handling and perfect overview and control ensure simple installation, commissioning and operation. The pump monitors the dosing process of liquids when the FlowControl function is activated, for advanced process reliability with accuracy of 1% of setpoint

DDA Models
• High-end solution for complex and demanding applications
• Flow and pressure up to 8 gph and up to 232 psi
• Auto-deaeration during pump standby
• Flexible Fieldbus control
• Turn-down ratio 3000:1 with constant 100% stroke length

DDC Models
• Optimal price-performance ratio
• Flow and pressure up to 4 gph and up to 145 psi
• Two SlowMode functions (25% and 50%), calibration mode,
service display
• External stop, dual-level tank control, 2 relay outputs

DDE Models
• Digital Dosing™ even for the low budget segment
• Flow and pressure from 0.0015 to 4 gph and up to 145 psi; two
models cover entire range
• Control options: manual control 0.1-100 %, pulse in % of stroke
• External stop, empty tank control