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EPRO ™ XP systems are designed to maximize water purification efficiency. Available models offer a choice of flow rates and configurations for removal of impurities such as bacteria and dissolved solids from tap water or brackish water. Purified high-quality water is supplied through existing taps (faucets) for use in residences and commercial applications.

Features and Specs

  • Complete RO systems include repressurization and storage tanks, and are equipped with efficient high-quality pumps, motors, and membranes for energy savings and low maintenance
  • Up to 99.4% purification rate 2 provides clean water and improved wash/rinse characteristics, reducing service cost of equipment and appliances by removing harmful chemicals and minerals
  • Up to 80% recovery rates 3 minimize water waste
  • Compact, preassembled design enables installation in under 2 hours, limiting start-up costs and space requirements


                  • Purification of home water supply
                  • Carwash rinse water (for spot-free shine)
                  • Laundries and cleaners
                  • Food and beverage production, bottling
                  • Pharmaceutical production/laboratories
                  • Paint and assembly
                  • Electronics fabrication
                  • Boiler & cooling tower makeup water
                  • Misting, humidification
                  • Nurseries, greenhouses
                  • Commercial printing


                      • High/low tank liquid level controller (auto on/off)
                      • Bulkheads installed in tank
                      • Tank size range from 65 – 9,000 gallons (0.25-34 m 3 )
                      • 220 V 1 phase 50 Hz TEFC motor

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