EPRO LMF Commercial RO System

EPRO LMF Commercial RO System

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EPRO ™ LMF Series are engineered our from the ground up to provide maximum treatment efficiency in a compact, skidded package. This series of RO systems removes impurities, such as bacteria and dissolved solids, from source water, including brackish water. Available configurations deliver permeate flow rates of 21 to 60 GPM (30,000 to 86,400 GPD) to address the diverse requirements of light industrial applications and commercial users. EPRO LMF Series ROs are also equipped with Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) to allow automated process control and consistent permeate output.

Features and Specs

  • Flow Meters: Digital Concentrate & Permeate and Analog Recycle
  • Grundfos CR-Series 316 SS Pump w/TEFC Motor
  • Membranes: 8"x40", TFC Brackish Water
  • FRP Side-ported, 300 psi Pressure Vessels
  • Low Pressure Switch
  • Voltage: 460V/60Hz/3 Phase
  • Prefilter Housing: 316SS w/ 5 micron cartridges
  • Pressure Gauges: 2.5" Dia., 316SS, Pre- & Post-Filter, First Array Feed, Concentrate, Permeate & Interstage
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
  • Automatic Inlet Feedwater Valve
  • 316SS High Pressure Valves (Concentrate, Recycle)
  • Automation Direct PLC-Based Control System
  • Integrated Webserver to Mirror Touchscreen Controls
  • 2" Inlet Size
  • 2" Permeate Size
  • 20 psi Inlet Pressure Required
  • Automatic Fast Flush
  • TDS Monitor
  • Concentrate Recycle Loop
  • Sample Valves
  • Cleaning Ports
  • High Pressure Piping: 316 SS


  • 380V/50Hz/208-240V 60Hz 3P
  • Anti-Scalant Dosing System
  • De-Chlorination Dosing System
  • Acid Dosing System
  • pH Elevation Dosing System
  • pH Monitor/Controller
  • ORP Monitor/Controller
  • “Cold Water” Membranes
  • Recycle Flow Transmitter Digital
  • Nanofiltration Membranes are Available
  • High Pressure Switch
  • Fully Crated for Shipping