EPRO Custom Engineered System

EPRO Custom Engineered System

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EPRO Custom Engineered capability lets customers specify performance and other parameters to suit their needs. EPRO can design and build the right EPRO RO system precisely meeting unique requirements of the process or application. Designs will serve a wide range of flow rates and configurations, producing clean output from tap or brackish water.

Features and Specs

  • Complete flexibility in design and production to accurately meet application requirements specified by the Customer
  • Custom designs can be adapted from our extensive library of proven drawings, permitting shorter lead-times
  • Engineered to Customers’ specifications denoting flow, purification, and recovery rates – among others
  • Pre-assembled design allows ease of installation typically in under 2-hours, limiting start-up costs and space requirements


                    • Hospitals
                    • Laboratories
                    • Breweries
                    • Food and beverage production, bottling
                    • Pharmaceutical production/laboratories
                    • Chemical processing
                    • Paint and assembly
                    • Carwash rinse water (for spot-free shine)
                    • Laundries and cleaners
                    • Electronics fabrication
                    • Boiler & cooling tower makeup water
                    • Misting, humidification
                    • Nurseries, greenhouses
                    • Commercial printing
                    • Commercial properties
                    • Condominium/Apartment complexes
                    • Hotels/Resorts
                    • Sports complexes
                    • Schools
                    • Homes
                    • Restaurants
                    • Entertainment venues


                          • Re-pressurization tanks (construction material, size, pressure)
                          • Storage tanks (construction material, size, dispensing rates)
                          • Pump (pressures, volumes, styles, materials)
                          • Automatic: flush (feed or permeate), feed water shutoff
                          • Flow meters: concentrate, product (permeate), recycle
                          • Pressure gauges (standard, liquid filled)
                          • Filters, pre-filters
                          • Control valves: concentrate, product (permeate), other
                          • Membranes design: Warm/Cold water, feed-water characteristics
                          • Electronic control units
                          • Monitors: pH, TDS (feed, permeate)
                          • Chemical dosing
                          • Frames/racks (dimensions, materials, designs)
                          • Motors (voltages, Hz, phases, materials, manufacturers)
                          • Service Maintenance Contracts
                          • On-site customer services: start-up, training, troubleshooting, maintenance, repair

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