MPX 190 ACFM SVE, Oxidizer 10 GPM, Trailer (RTS085)

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  • Multiphase vapor extraction/treatment applications
  • Soil vapor extraction applications
  • Oxidizer applications
      • Four-leg vapor inlet manifold
      • Welded steel vapor liquid separator w/ progressive cavity pump
      • SVE: High-Vacuum Rotary claw vacuum blower
      • Wide availability of filtration media, TM100 clay, Carbon, Alumina, etc.
        • Installed on a 8’ x 14’ cargo trailer
        • Process piping is steel fittings and PVC hose and fittings.
        • Remote access system with data-logging functions
        • Automated PLC control system for independent operation
        • Integrated catalytic oxidizer
        • Additional transmitters and other process instrumentation
        • Solenoid valves