newterra Vapor Liquid Separator Filters are phase and particulate separation vessels with an integral three stage separation technique and are designed separate liquid streams from vapor streams and filter particulate from air streams up stream of vacuum blowers and vacuum pumps.

All VLSF vessels are designed to operate up to a perfect vacuum and are made using A-36 Carbon Steel as a standard.

Standard Features:
• Designed to maximum operating vacuum of 29 inches of Hg and 140°F.
• Replaceable Solberg air filter element.
• Air Filter Ports for Sampling and Pressure Gauges on Inlet and Outlet.
• 6” clean out with easy removal plug.
• 1.5” FNPT Drain Couplings
• Baffel welded into base to reduce cyclonic swirling of water
• ½” FNPT copulings for various instrumentation.
• Brackets for installation of optional mist elimination pads for fine droplet separation.

Optional Features:
• Different orientations to suit site layouts.
• Mist Eliminator Pads
• Sight Glass
• Level Control Switches
• Stainless steel or aluminum construction